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Good morning, Marketers, are you ready for Google Marketing Live? 

Google’s annual event kicks off at noon ET. And we’re expecting Google to reveal some noteworthy updates to Google Ads and YouTube. 

What exactly? We can’t say. 

If you can’t watch it live, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Make sure to visit Search Engine Land later today. We’ll be reporting all the news you need to know from the event.  

Danny Goodwin,
Senior Editor

How privacy changes affect B2B paid search marketing

B2B search marketing is about to get even more challenging. What’s the solution? First-party audiences.

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Is Google Search showing fewer sitelinks

Google use to show as many as six sitelinks in its search results - now it seems to show at most four. Maybe this was a layout change to vertical sitelinks?

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Google News new design being tested

This is currently a limited trial but changes to Google News may impact some publishers.

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Webinar Today: Overcome third-party data challenges for CX success

See how brands can creatively collect first-, second-and third-party data to engage and retain consumers. Join our experts from Redpoint Global and learn how to deliver omnichannel, real-time interactions for sublime customer experiences.

There’s still time to RSVP!

We’ve crawled the web for 32 years: What’s changed?

A look back at the history of search and SEO and a preview of what the next iteration of the internet means for marketers.

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What to look for in a technical SEO audit

These technical optimizations will become the key differentiating factors for ranking better than your competitors.

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Advanced. Actionable. Virtual. Free.

Explore the latest, most sophisticated search marketing topics, tactics, and trends with a host of experts — online, June 14-15, at SMX Advanced!

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